Fine portrait photography, beautiful art prints & inspirational book covers

I am a professional artist photographer. My work has been published and exhibited internationally and featured on radio and national television. I create handmade portrait photography and intimate portraiture for discerning individuals as well as for editorial and business clients. The resulting photographs are works of art in their own right. My photography for book covers and other creative uses is available for licensing through my representing agency. My work is also for sale as art prints. My artistic work often questions the perception of reality.

A frosty spring morning – sunrise over Roundway Hill (c) Wolf Kettler Photographer

A frosty spring morning

According to the calendar spring is well underway – the vernal equinox occurred last Friday. I was sailing from Cherbourg to Poole that day. Compared to last year, spring is slow and late arriving.

Brotzeit (c) Wolf Kettler Photographer


A home-made loaf of sourdough rye bread, fresh out of the oven. “Brotzeit” is good solid, rustic (and probably out of fashion) expression used in Austria and southern Germany for what the British might call a tea break.

"My" rabbits are posing for the camera (c) Wolf Kettler Photographer

Must be spring

The morning light may be grey and the calendar may insist that it is still winter, but nature has other ideas. The first two baby rabbits of the year have arrived in my garden only a few days ago, where they will spend the first few weeks of their tender lives.

Oliver’s Castle on Roundway Hill on a foggy morning in March. (10 March 2015, 06:27) Photograph (c) Wolf Kettler.

My captivating mornings

One of the first sights that I encounter every morning is the view from the room, in which I get dressed. It could be anywhere and only happens, by life’s coincidences, to be Oliver’s Castle on Roundway Hill. The scenery is not spectacular. It is benign. Perhaps it is its modesty that makes it beautiful or maybe it is the comfort of a familiar sight. The view is the same and yet delivers a new impression every morning for the weather and the seasons.