Fine portrait photography, beautiful art prints & inspirational book covers

I am a professional artist photographer. My work has been published and exhibited internationally and featured on radio and national television. I create handmade portrait photography and intimate portraiture for discerning individuals as well as for editorial and business clients. The resulting photographs are works of art in their own right. My photography for book covers and other creative uses is available for licensing through my representing agency. My work is also for sale as art prints. My artistic work often questions the perception of reality.

A Saturday morning sunrise in the Wiltshire dales (c) Wolf Kettler

A Saturday morning sunrise in the Wiltshire dales

“I am hungry”, shouted Camillo and jumped on me with a demanding meow – I explained that he had mistakenly woken me at the normal weekday getting-up time just after five, whereas today was Saturday, hence I was entitled to another couple of hours sleep. Camillo soon cleared up the misunderstanding over my entitlements.

There seems to be more night than daytime at the ward. (c) Wolf Kettler.

A bloke thing

Every man needs to know about cardiovascular disease. This is the illustrated story of my brush with heart disease, emotional reaction to being suddenly hospitalised and glimpsing at my own old age. And – why time may be up for the British NHS and medical redemption a thing of the past.