A mystery solved – a photo session preview

The writer Anne Zouroudi, creator of the Greek detective Hermes Diaktoros, photographed by Wolf Kettler.

When I spoke about the literary mystery of a photo session a few days ago, the rain was pouring down outside my window, the cold February air was creeping into my bones uninvitedly and my mind was soaking up an image of sunny Greek islands.

My record player was blurting out the music of Theodorakis and a few others, whose names I cannot decipher, on authentic Greek LPs from the 1980s, which I had not played in years. My comment was a clue pointing at my photo session with acclaimed writer Anne Zouroudi later the same day.

Anne is the creator of Hermes Diaktoros, the Greek detective, who is one of new fiction’s most enigmatic characters and simply known as “the fat man”. Anne conceived The Mysteries of the Greek Detective as a series of seven novels, each based on one of the deadly sins.

Her novels are set amongst the beautiful landscapes of Greece – between the olive groves and sparkling blue seas – where time has little meaning and the pressures of modern life are easily forgotten. One reviewer on amazon.co.uk called her stories “so authentic, you can taste the olives”.

Anne told me that she was already working on the next book in the series.

You will soon see some of my portraits of Anne in her books, in her publisher’s catalogues and on her website.

Anne’s website

Anne’s books

Writer Anne Zouroudi in photographs by Wolf Kettler

The writer Anne Zouroudi is the creator of the world of Hermes Diaktoros, the Greek detective, known simply as “the fat man”.


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