Intimate Lingerie and Nude Portraits

NUde portraits and lingerie portraits by Wolf Kettler Photographer

Liberate the real you with all your personality, sensuality and aura. Love your body and look good naked in my hand-crafted photographs. Why? Because everybody is beautiful. I create intimate nude portraits and lingerie shots for women, couples and men.

Lingerie and nude portraits are an exciting and different way of expressing who you are. From natural nude portraits, where the body is almost incidental, to anonymous body shapes, in which the body takes on the role of a graceful object, to themed photo sessions, fantasy ideas and story lines.

Nobody is physically perfect but everybody can be the desirable object of someone's passion - show your romantic and tender side, be seductive or wild, or give into your favourite fetish. If you come as a couple, celebrate your love, worship your lover's body and express your passion.

You may be hesitant, nervous or downright frightened. A photo session with me is an informal affair and I am very experienced at this kind of work. We will spend as much time as it takes to make you feel at ease. I work with a minimum of equipment and there is no army of makeup artists and assistants looking on.

At any time you are completely in control over how reserved or expressive you want to be. You only take off your clothes when you feel ready. I will gently guide and encourage you to open your soul to the camera.

As with all my photo sessions, I can photograph you at my studio or in a location of your choice, e.g. your home or other favourite spot, indoors or out. Intimate portraits are of course always entirely private. Nobody else will ever see them.

Be different, be yourself - and let me express your inner essence and natural beauty in my striking, artistic portraits, for which I am known.

Call or e-mail now for a chat to discuss your ideas and to arrange your photo session.

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