Fine portrait photography, beautiful art prints & inspirational stock photography

I am a professional artist photographer. I create portrait photography and intimate portraits for discerning clients. The resulting photographs are works of art in their own right. My work has been published and exhibited internationally and featured on radio and national television. My stock photography for creative uses is available for licensing through my representing agency. Selected works are for sale as art prints.

Camillo relaxes on the bed (c) Wolf Kettler

My website’s inner cat

I am aware that this website is currently loading very slowly – infuriatingly so. Perhaps it has found its inner cat and is enjoying a nap.

A late summer sunrise over Roundway Hill in rural Wiltshire (c) Wolf Kettler

I saw autumn arriving

According to the universe, it is not autumn until 23rd September but I know this to be untrue. I saw autumn arriving.

Do you photograph houses? (c) Wolf Kettler

Do you photograph houses?

Photography is no longer a profession these days. It has become an expensive hobby for masochists.

Out for a screw (c) Wolf Kettler

Out for a screw

Wolf goes out for a screw and meets an unremarkable blonde, his wife’s late grandfather and Howard Sibshaw from Summer Wine.

Portrait of a white rose (c) Wolf Kettler

Portrait of a rose

Portrait of a white rose in my garden at summer’s end.

Luna’s veiled dance (c) Wolf Kettler

Sailors and veiled dancers

Luna never fails to fascinate me, and last night she performed a veiled dance for me.

Osteospermum with raindrops on petals (c) Wolf Kettler

Flowers don’t sell

“Flowers don’t sell”, my agent keeps telling me. I suspect that the term flowers does not refer to actual flowers but is code for the little wondrous things in nature.

Recent book covers and stock sales by Wolf Kettler Photographer

Recent book covers and stock sales

Recently published photographs on covers of books by Robin Talley (USA) and Lyn Andrews (UK).

Caterpillars in my garden (c) Wolf Kettler

The (hungry) handsome caterpillars

Some of you might not agree, I realise, but I think that these individuals are very handsome and they posed exceptionally nicely and patiently for me. And no, I do not begrudge them the odd leave or petal.