Photo session preview Phil Holden

Wolf | October 5th, 2009 - 11:54

I met with professional actor and life model Phil Holden for a photo session on 1 October 09 at my studio. Phil describes himself as a “little man with a big heart”.

Little, because Phil is a dwarf. Dwarfism is officially considered a disability but Phil says that he has turned his stature into an asset. Actors are often chosen on looks, he says, and body height is therefore just another physical characteristic in the looks department.

Phil can do some pretty menacing facial expressions, which is highly amusing because he is a thoroughly nice, decent and easy to get on with person. We had a lot of fun creating the photographs, even though we never got to do the outdoor shots that I had planned because the sun was too bright.

Phil is a trained actor, who has worked in film (Harry Potter, for instance), television, music and on the theatre stage. He is an accomplished model, who is very talented at realising the photographer’s ideas.

Phil Holden’s official website

Please note that some photographs in this slideshow contain nudity and are intended for an adult audience only.