Constant change

Wolf | April 4th, 2011 - 09:22
Constant Change. Photography by Wolf Kettler.

It is only the beginning of April and the narcissi in my garden are nearly over.

Some mornings, a sequence of little things happens that makes you feel good.

Every day before work, I go out into the garden to feed the birds, check the water in the bird baths and to say good morning to nature and to the wildlife.

This morning was beautiful: The sun was already out. The greengage and the pear trees in my garden are in blossom. The dew on the grass reminded me of summer mornings and the narcissi are nearly over. It is only the beginning of April but you can feel how rapidly the year progresses. It is all about change.

I received a very warm and rewarding testimonial – pure soul balm – from a recent client, Grace, from Devizes in Wiltshire. Grace writes

“Wolf you are not only a talent in photography but excellent customer service is another addition to your many qualities.
When I was looking for a photographer I was not sure of what I wanted and then I made this one phone call to you with tens of questions and you were absolutely brilliant. You talked me through the different options available and after that very first call I decided that you will be the perfect option and I never looked elsewhere.
The photo shoot was an enjoyable experience and all the photos are absolutely stunning. My friends think I’m some sort of a ‘celebrity’!
Thank you for your great work. I will definitely recommend your work to friends and family.”

Grace is hoping to get some modelling work, which will invariably bring changes to her life.

By coincidence I stumbled upon the very interesting blog of model Alex B. and discovered something that I never knew about her: In a post titled Older and classier, Alex writes “I did not do art nude until I met Wolfgang Kettler  in March 2008 … Since then I have done a lot of photographic nude, I would say that  90% of my work is art nude.

Interesting how one photo session can change so much.


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