December melancholy

Wolf Kettler | December 3rd, 2010 - 13:49

The dusting of fresh snow has half thawed and then refrozen overnight. Yesterday’s pristine snow crystals are now an off-white colour with a shabby, gel-like glaze.

December Melancholy. Photograph © 2010 Wolf Kettler.

This is not a winter’s day with snow laden trees, icicles, red cheeks, the crunchy sound of footsteps in deep, crisp snow and the promise of a welcoming fireplace.

Today is unkind and endless. All Soul’s with all the fog and the sadness over the end of autumn rolled forward to the beginning of winter. Grey and wet-cold, you cannot even imagine being cosy indoors. The immeasurable bleakness rouses feelings of loneliness. In a soul-destroying kind of way it is attractive, irresistible almost.

The light of this foggy December day, the smoke from the chimneys and the feeling of the thinnest layer of snow under the soles of my boots awaken nostalgic memories in me.

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