Domino’s latest

Wolf | December 7th, 2010 - 10:09

Latest spot, that is. On the back of my chair, preferably when I am sat in it so that I can jump out of my skin on impact landing and when it is not time to camp out in the airing cupboard amidst the freshly laundered towels or someone else got to the prestige spot in the wicker chair first.

I can see that the wicker chair is a perfect cat spot. It sports a stylish blanket – previously summer bedding for the humans but it was only a desperate purchase for the summer temperatures that we do not get in this country anyway – for comfort and is strategically placed between my office and the studio. You can keep tabs on everything that’s going on, specifically keep an eye on my moves, predict when I might venture to the food cupboard downstairs and still manage a private snooze. But the back of my chair does not even look particularly comfortable, especially when Domino has to cling on because I want to move, which leads to a spin action in the chair. She seems to like it.

You might believe that cats have a sophisticated procedure for appraising and selecting the right spot for any given moment. Complicated stuff, you know, such as body temperature to ambient heat index, light and sound intrusion evaluation and the ubiquitous surface softness test, also known as under-paw comfort trial.

Personally I think that it is random, but don’t tell my cats that I said that.

Domino's latest favourite spot, on the back of my chair. Photograph © Wolf Kettler.

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