Snow photographs

Wolf | January 13th, 2010 - 16:06

I am told that the Finnish have forty-odd words for snow, from the simple lumi (snow) to the precise tuisku (snow shower with strong wind) and tykky (large chunks of snow, especially when frozen onto trees).
(Source and Jane, whom I used to know a long time ago and who is half Finnish.)

I come from a fairly snowy country myself but still get excited at the prospect of a little snow in Britain because it is so unusual and so pretty. The liberal use of phrases such as ‘snowed under’, ‘snow chaos’, ‘big freeze’, ‘blizzard’ and ‘sub-zero’ adds to the general excitement.

As I am writing this, it has been snowing more or less continuously for over fourteen hours but the accumulation of fresh snow on the ground is somewhat disappointing. Here is a selection of photographs taken between 6 and 13 January 2010, all within walking distance from my studio and some in my garden.

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  1. I love snow shots. Number eight is my favorite

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