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There are no free images on this site. The images, text, artwork and information on this site and its design are the intellectual property of Wolf Kettler and protected by UK and international copyright laws. Without prior written permission you must not print, store, duplicate, reproduce, re-use or redistribute in any form and any media, by any means and for any purpose, images and information contained within this website. No permission is granted to store, reproduce and redistribute the images and information contained within this website.The photographs, other artwork and information on this site are not in the public domain.

All content and site design © copyright Wolf Kettler. All rights reserved. By viewing this website you agree to observe the copyright conditions and other legal guidelines set out in this site.

Adult content and child & youth protection policy

This site does not contain pornography. Some photographs show nudity and sexuality in an artistic or social context and are unsuitable for children and teenagers.

As a parent you are responsible for your child: Keep your children safe on the Internet by knowing, which websites they visit. Talk to your children about content, which they do not understand or find disturbing. To control, which sites your children can access, use the content controls in your web browser or router controls. Explain to your children why you are restricting access to certain sites.

Employers are responsible for their employees using computers at work. Owners of computers (including Internet cafés, computer and youth clubs, schools and the computer in your home) are responsible for anyone, who may have access to their machines.

Privacy and cookie policy

Your personal information is only used in communications with you. I do not store credit card details and I never share customer details with any third parties.

Cookies on this site are small, simple text files created to help your browser process special features and to help this website remember you as you navigate from page to page. No personally identifiable information about you is stored. Session cookies are used to aid site navigation, to count the number of visitors and to create statistics of popular pages but no information is ever personally identifiable.
You can turn cookies from this website off but doing so may limit the site’s functionality and browsing experience.
It is, however, a good idea to delete cookies on your computer periodically. Please refer to your browser’s help documentation for information on how to manage privacy and cookies. For more information about cookies, see

This site does not install hidden programmes (spyware) onto visitors’ computers, it does not harvest e-mail addresses or other personal details and it does not serve advertising.

Terms and Conditions

My work is subject to my Terms and Conditions for Photography Commissions. When you commission me to photograph you, I will send you a copy.

Links to other sites

I declare that I distance myself explicitly from the content and policies of other sites, to which links may point. I am not responsible for and do not own or control their content. The content of such sites does not reflect my own opinions. The presence of a link is not a recommendation to visit linked sites. I am not responsible for the practices and policies of other sites, to which links may point.


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