Intimate and nude portraiture by Wolf Kettler Photographer

Intimate and Nude Portraits

Utterly private lingerie and nude portraits for private clients

Intimate and nude portraiture by Wolf Kettler Photographer

An intimate portrait – wearing nothing or very little – is a different and exciting way of showing yourself and, according to many of my clients, supremely liberating. Your body is a work of art. It does not have to be perfect to be beautiful or desirable. Flaws are the hallmark of character.

About half of all my private clients come to me for an intimate portrait session, which I offer for individuals (women and men) and couples. Nude or lingerie shoots can be arranged at my studio or in a location of your choice, indoors or out.

Your lingerie and nude photographs can be as romantic as you like or as erotic as you dare. I will not force you into silly poses and I will never ask you to do anything that you do not feel comfortable with. I will not ask you to drop your clothes the moment you arrive. You are in complete control over how much of yourself you want to reveal. You do not even have to decide beforehand. Allow yourself to be a little risqué in the comforting knowledge that you are completely safe.

You can bring any items of clothing and any props to your photo session. There may be a particular fantasy that you want to explore in your photo session. If you do not tell me, I cannot know. Whatever we discuss – and of course the photographs – will remain utterly private and confidential.

You can find general and practical comments (such as locations, travel and use of makeup artists, etc.) on this page.

To discuss your ideas and book your photo session, please contact me in complete confidence. Also available as gift vouchers.

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