An autumn morning over Oliver's Castle on Roundway Hill (c) Wolf Kettler


The balance of light has undoubtedly changed. Today is the autumnal equinox, the brief moment of perfect equilibrium between day and night, the smidgen of time, when light and darkness are of equal weight.

Sailing off the coast of Jersey in 20 knots of wind and a considerably calmed sea compared to the previous day (c) Wolf Kettler

Caressed and occasionally pummelled

Photographs from my recent sailing trip along the south coast of England and across the English Channel to the Channel Islands.

A café in Bayswater’s Hereford Road (c) Wolf Kettler

The brotherhood amongst exiles

A new story from the “glamorous” life of a photographer, involving the Bayswater area of London, brown sugar and the brotherhood amongst exiles.

Meet the new member of my team, Camillo the cat

Camillo says “do it!”

Meet one of the members of my team, Camillo the cat.

The waning sickle moon rises over Oliver's Castle on Roundway Hill in the morning at getting up-time. (c) Wolf Kettler

Delicate Luna and the merciless cat

I know it is not getting up time when Camillo wakes me but I am rewarded with a delicate waning sickle moon rising over Roundway Hill.

Buddha and the white lady (c) Wolf Kettler

Buddha and the white lady

Wolf ponders the question whether the naked lady, who has been living in his garden for many years, is, in fact, a harlot.

Darcey's 18th (c) Wolf Kettler

Darcey’s 18th

From a photo session, which was given to my client as an 18th birthday present.

A rainy morning on Paxoi, Greece. (c) Wolf Kettler

The Gods felt sad and made the skies cry

And when the Gods found out that we were leaving, they felt sad and made the skies cry.

Stock photography for book covers by Wolf Kettler

Recent book covers, July 2016

Latest published book covers from Italy, France and Britain to use my photography.