Darcey's 18th (c) Wolf Kettler

Darcey’s 18th

From a photo session, which was given to my client as an 18th birthday present.

A rainy morning on Paxoi, Greece. (c) Wolf Kettler

The Gods felt sad and made the skies cry

And when the Gods found out that we were leaving, they felt sad and made the skies cry.

Stock photography for book covers by Wolf Kettler

Recent book covers, July 2016

Latest published book covers from Italy, France and Britain to use my photography.

The Strawberry Thief by Wolf Kettler

The Strawberry Thief

Pure cuteness from the creature, who enjoys my homegrown strawberries.

Supporting the teaching profession (c) 2012 Wolf Kettler

If you feel inconvenienced, just think

A message of solidarity to teachers, who are on strike today, and why the strike matters to your child’s education.

Fay and Adam (c) Wolf Kettler

Fay and Adam

A first photograph from my recent photo session with Fay and Adam at their countryside home.

And they wanted the men would wear bowler hats again (c) Wolf Kettler

And they wanted the men to wear bowler hats again

A commentary on today’s events.

The Summer Solstice sunrise welcomes the longest day of the year. (c) Wolf Kettler.

Strawberry Moon and the Summer Solstice 2016

This year’s Summer Solstice was special because it coincided with a full moon, Strawberry Moon, for the first time in 68 years. See my photographs of the full moon and the solstice sunrise, and learn about Sonnwendbrot and the three naked vestal virgins.

Mark’s Illumination (c) Wolf Kettler

Mark’s Illumination

From a recent portrait shoot. I like to think that my model enjoyed the experience of my illumination chair.