Today in my garden

Marguerites in my garden. Photograph by Wolf Kettler.

Spring really is upon us now. The garden is colourful and lush and teeming with life.



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  2 comments for “Today in my garden

  1. 14 June 11 at 10:17

    The setup for this particular photograph was actually very simple. Shot from very low, very close to the ground, with a 50mm lens at f/1.8, which gives you a depth of field only marginally wider than a razor blade.

    I use a ‘full-frame’ camera, i.e. frame size is equivalent to 35mm film. I have never used a camera with a small sensor but I do believe that achieving a shallow depth of field is a bit problematic.

    Where are you moving to?

  2. 14 June 11 at 09:53

    hi wolfie, thank you for showing me your collection!! i really really love pictures like this, with crrrrrazy depth of field and bokeh, but i honestly don’t know how to take them, which is a shame, because i would love to add that to my list of things to snap when we move out into the country :) very beautiful, my friend!!!

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